Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bingen-Dufur Permanent

This is a 100k training ride from Bingen to Dufur. The US-197 highway from The Dalles to Dufur has a gravel and garbage strewn shoulder but impressive hill climbs. The total elevation gain estimated by bikely is over 5,700 feet but this seams to be a high estimate. The route start is the junction of SR-14 and SR-141 in Bingen and there is a public parking lot 3 blocks west on SR-14. A receipt can be obtained from any of the businesses in Bingen or the Bank at the junction of SR-14 and SR-141. The turn around is in Dufur at the Saloon/Tavern. There is an ATM inside the tavern or a receipt can be obtained to document passage.

Update: RUSA approved #366

Ride History:
2-MAR-2008 jkramer   5h17

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