Thursday, November 1, 2007

Yikes, The Little Lebowski!

This from a randonneur in response to my thoughts concerning a Little Lebowski for 2008.

If he means to send riders over Lolo Pass from the east, then that's a pretty good long climb up a gravel road. The climb up over The Devil's Backbone on the old Barlow Road is a pretty good pitch, too. Not sure where Eagle Cliff is, but then to throw on top of that a climb up over Summitt, Barlow, and Bennett passes is pretty brutal. Yikes!

My 400k is no walk in the park, but it'll be easier than that! Folks who are used to the Covered Bridge 400 are going to have a bit tougher time earning their SR next year, that's certain.

I should point out with a notable lack of hysterics, that the Summit to Surf diabetes benefit ride goes over Summit, Barlow and Bennett passes and the average rider is clearly not as competent or as skilled as a randonneur.

I would not offer a brevet with roads like Lolo pass or the Mt. Hood passes without making very clear to all prospective riders, exactly what they would be getting into. But really, none of the passes referred to are any worse than Washington, Rainy or Loup Loup passes. Or any number of other great rides in the Pacific Northwest like the 3-Volcanoes. Yikes indeed!