Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tour de Tyre

It's taken a whole year to get to this point and winter is finally here. It has that expedition feel to it. Raining at the bottom of the hill and snowing at the top. The likely hood of an epic ride increases with the distance traveled. Here is my tire selection for the next several months. What are you riding this winter?

(From left to right)
Vittoria 23c on Rolf for sunny days on nice roads,
Kenda 40c on Mavic 719 36 spoke for gravel and trails
Panaracer Tour Guard 32c on Mavic 719 32 spoke for heavy rain
Grand Bois 30c on Mavic Open Pro 32 spoke for keeping up with the guys.
Vittoria Randonneur 28c on Mavic Open Pro 32 spoke for lite riding. (back)