Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something to Chew On

Hammer Chocolate Chip BarI take a chewy along with me on rides longer than 100k just in case. These are the best. Randobiker likes Hammer Bars. They have picked me out of several energy crisis and they also work well to fill in the energy gaps before controls or at the end of a ride. If I eat a bar a half hour before a control, I can skip crappy control food and hang out and rest. Just this past weekend I had to eat a chewy to keep up with ReadytoRide who was leaving me behind in total and complete humiliation. I think ReadytoRide slowed down and let me catch up.

Hey, and the Boyz like chewys too! They don't get Hammer Bars though. Chocolate is not good for pups and the high fiber could be a problem. Fiber for everyone, pumpkin for the Boyz!