Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nice Fido

I was thinking about the sad news of the police dog that died several weeks ago. I like the notion of working dogs although there are some professions I'd rather not run into. Police dogs seam like an especially heroic canine occupation. There are a number of Great Pyrenees in the area doing their job, guarding sheep herds. One day last year, on my way up Sevenmile from the Dalles, I noticed one of the big white canines chained to a large truck tire. The dog had the chain stretched tight with the truck tire caught and held back by the strands of the rancher's barb wire fence. Bowser was barking at the passing traffic. I could hear the muffled barks through by ear buds as I passed by. I looked at the fence for signs of structural fatigue and hoped it would hold. I saw him on several occasions since, sprawled out next to his tire with the sheep far away. The dog wasn't there this year, but I still think about him every time I ride by that ranch.