Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Old B17

I love my Brooks B17 saddle. Tried riding a B17-narrow for the first half of last season. My butt couldn't get used to it and it appeared to break in funny, with deeper than normal depressions under the sit bones. Switched back to the good old B17 several hundred miles before PBP and at least my butt finished PBP feeling pretty good.

I worry about what to do once the adjusting screw turns to the max. The new Brooks saddles might not have the same quality and durability as the old ones. I also worry about the leather saddle in the rain. Not sure why the need to worry about it though. It's still very comfortable after three years of hard riding through lots of rain. And it has half the adjusting screw left. So little time and so many things to worry about. There is a Fizik Aliante on the shelf just in case of a bike saddle emergency.