Monday, November 5, 2007

Lost Lake Permanent #321

This is a nice, scenic ride for spring, summer and fall. It is very challenging ride with approximately 5,200 feet of climbing. This will be one of my training routes this year. There is not much traffic now but that will change when the camping season starts next summer.

Update 1:The assigned RUSA permanent number is 321

Update 2: During the camping season when the traffic picks up on the Lost Lake road the route should change and take the less frequently traveled route along Forest Road 13. Since the alternative is longer, and the time reuirement critical for this route, I'll have to work on a secondary route for the Summer season.

Update 3:Replaced the html route sheet with a google spreadsheet (linked below).

Ride History:
Rider                Date        Time
-------------------- ----------- -----
John Kramer 18-OCT-2008 5h04
John Kramer 6-JUN-2009 4h58
David Row 30-AUG-2009 5h31
Eric Ahlvin 31-AUG-2009 5h31
John Kramer 31-AUG-2009 5h31
Route Sheet: Route Sheet is Here

Route Profile:
Lost Lake Elevation Profile
Google Map:
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Route Map:
This is a beautiful ride especially this time of year with the fall colors. The views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams are excellent and the Lost Lake road is an exciting run downhill. The Mt. Hood Store provides a good control location along with a deli and a comfortable place to sit for a very quick rest before the final push to Hood River.