Monday, November 26, 2007

Little Dude Comes Home

Little Dude came home with us yesterday and our home went from having two golden retriever house pets to having a three dog pack. The Little Dude seams big for seven weeks and his coat changed in the last week, from long and straight to long and super waivy. We gave little Dude a bath when he got home. He was really stinky.

The Kramer must approve all behaviors. The Kramer does not approve of aggressive ranking behavior. The big dogs still have their choke collars but the leashes are disconnected. There are four crates and one play pen in the house with a super sized large dog crate in reserve. So far, so good except...

The Little Dude thinks the big dogs have a milk dispenser hidden some where underneath. Sorry Little Dude, no more milk for you. The big dogs tails also make good things to grab on to and catch a free ride. The big dogs are more ok with tail rides than the milk machine idea. The big dogs need occasional protection from Little Dude. Chewing the big dogs ears doesn't look like a very good idea. Be careful Little Dude!