Tuesday, October 30, 2007

They Stol'd My Rug Man!

Little Dude is getting bigger. It is to be expected. He is now about the size of a nelson bag side pocket.

So Kent reminds me the Little Lebowski Junior Achievers 400k (14-Jun-2007) needs more scouting work. A scouting trip won't tell me if Lolo pass will be open by mid June or if the shoulders on 26&35 will be choked with gravel. But it is fun to think about: the ride to Lost Lake, the climb up Lolo Pass, the Marmot back road to Sandy, the ride out to Eagle Cliff, the climb up Government Camp and over Bennett and Barlow passes and the ride up Sevenmile to The Dalles and maybe up Dry Hollow to gawd knows where.

But I wonder, will it be too much? Can anyone survive so much hill climbing? Will the riders freeze to death on the down hills? How many riders will the cougars get in the high country along the Mt. Hood Wilderness? Will there be a bowling alley somewhere along the route where the Randonneurs can stop and roll bowl a few lines? And will this turn into a suspense filled all night RandonneuraLebowskiathon? So many questions and so little time!

Must think...watch the video, no more questions...

The Little Dude-Don't Steal My Rug, Man!