Thursday, September 6, 2007

Time Out

Sometime this winter, in a fit of inspiration, I decided to get a wheel truing stand to help me reduce my wobble-wheel backlog. I have several chronic trouble makers, the worst of which came with a Cannondale where the wheel builders must have been on some form of medication.

I ordered the truing stand after searching Ebay and finding a good deal this spring or maybe this summer. The box went into my bike room when it arrived where it stood discretely in front of a considerable stack of old bike tires. I remember pulling the big copper staples out of the carton end-flap using a big honking pliers. And then, before leaving for PBP, I sliced open the packing tape sealing the end-flap shut. Just last week I unfolded the end-flap and looked inside.

Noooooooo- Argh! Oh Shawzzbutt! There it was - a six page dadgum instruction booklet! I started looking at it, backwards, starting with page 6. On page 5 it said that I need an alignment gauge, a genuine Park Tool WAG-1 (of course). Guess that wobble-wheel backlog is going to be with me a while longer. Next week I'm gonna maybe look at page 4....

Late Night Music Club with The Eagles -- Wasted Time

-- Cosmo