Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Resting Up for the 1000k

Geoff's Pre Ride Report

I read Geoff's pre-ride report and can sympathize with Geoff's air rifle incident. I used to ride US26 east of Sandy during lunch breaks. I have experienced enough incidents that I don't care to ride US26 east of Sandy Oregon anymore. I wonder what would happen if the same motorist caught me on one of the back roads with no witnesses.


It's looking more and more like autumn. Rode around the block (in urban Sandy) to cool down after spinning to Coach Troy on Spinervals 8. It was chilly outside. I'm rethinking my jersey and short selections. If it's chilly at 1200 feet elevation, it will be down right cold on Oldman Pass at 22h. Trying to think...riding into the wind going west from Dufer or riding into the cold west wind going west from Dufer. And then there is the "slight possibility" of rain this weekend. Must think...Oh-oh!

Late Night Music Club with Thom York