Saturday, September 22, 2007

Something Smells Funny

I adopted Ken Bonner's suggested anti-saddle sore strategy this year and started using Body Glide. At first, it was counter intuitive. How could such a small amount of something that is almost invisible work all day with only a little tune up at 300k? My only modification has been to use a little bit of Lantiseptic on sit bone bruises.

Tonight I packed my bags for the next ride. Packed the handle bar bag, seat bag and drop bag. I fetched a small body glide for the handle bar bag and noticed something slightly odd about it as it stared back at me from inside my handlebar bag.

So I might as well write this post now because one of these days it is going to happen. I'll be riding along when all of a sudden...sniff, sniff-sniff, sniff. Hey what's that funny smell? That smells just like Right Guard! Oh-oh!

Canadian Bacon