Friday, September 21, 2007

Wake Me

This must have been the most perfect day for bike riding this entire year. Perfect temperature, a puff of wind, quiet roads and happy smiling bikers loving it up. The older I get the faster I used to be. It is time to pick up the pace when a turkey buzzard stares.I've been riding Sevenmile hill the last week to build strength for the next big ride. I like this hill because it is a nine mile climb and there are several grades longer than a mile with slopes between 8 and 12 percent. On a beautiful day like this, it is all good. This is a picture of Mt. Hood.The scenery isn't too bad either. On one side is Mt. Hood and on the other is Mt. Adams. The climb is 9 miles from one direction and only 4.5 miles from the other. Either way it is 1,500 feet vertical gain. Some times I go up and over and then return for a shorter and steeper climb.Half of the ride is on the Old Scenic Columbia Highway. It is a great bike route and I've ridden it many times. It is a rare day when I just enjoy the scenery. It is always good, but there are not very many days this perfect in a year. This picture is rounding the loops near the top of Rowena Crest.A biker passed me and nodded as I was day dreaming about some stupid nothing or other. He was dressed in bright red team colors riding a Seven titanium. I picked up for several miles and followed four bike lengths back. I do better when I have someone to set pace. This is a picture of Lyle Washington and the mouth of the Klickitat River where there are more great hill climbs.My Seattle PBP jersey, vest and shorts arrived several weeks ago. Talk about flashy colors. Holy Cow, thats-a-gonna-be-one-bright-biker-gettup! Seriously though, the PBP design was very nicely done. This is a picture of Rowena Dell, a canyon opening to the Columbia River.

Late Night Music Club with Green Day