Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Noel writes...
Lieber Johannes!

Ich will auf seine Fahradfest mitgehen. Gibt es irgendwohin zu sclafen Freitag und Samstag? Ich werde mein schlafsack mitnehmen. Hofflich kan ich dem Zug nehemen.

mit freundliche gruessen,
Dear Noel

I'll put a lodging guide up on the web in the next couple of days. Hood River is the best place to look for lodging. And not only that but October 5th is a First Friday in Hood River and that means Party Time down town Friday afternoon and evening.

But, just let me say that I am as genetically German as an American boy can be. My parents learned English when they went to school where German was not permitted. My brother took German in high school but I don't think it helped him much. Whenever the old folks wanted to say something adult, they would say it in German. So I only know two German words, one is Schlachthof-Fünf and the other is Earschplittenloudenboomer. I have enough trouble with English.

Which reminds me of a PBP story. We spent a lot of time standing in line. And if the line was long enough, invariably one or more German riders would materialize in front of us just as we were getting close to the food. So one time I asked the German rider, who cut in front of me, where he came from and he replied in barely accented English, "I came from Germany." I guess I should have asked what he thought he was doing but I suppose he would have said "Riding PBP." Which makes me wonder, which is more important, the question or the answer?

Songs from both John Kay (Joachim Fritz Krauledat) and Conor Oberst come to mind but since Steppenwolf 7 is newly reprinted on CD and since most of you are probably too young to remember the Smothers hier ein earschplittenloudenboomer!....

Late Night Music Club with Steppenwolf

-- Cosmo