Sunday, September 30, 2007

Abandoning the 1000k

I abandoned the 1000k after a day and a half after failing to make the time requirements for the Government Camp control. It wasn't until I got cell phone reception in Hood River and called Mike at the Kelso control, that I learned that Mark waived the intermediate control times. The calculation to abandon was based mostly on my failure to ride at the minimum speeds needed to meet the control times but also on the condition of my knee, bruised in a spectacular crash the previous evening as well as other various maladies that tend to occur when riding very long and steep sustained climbs. Although the Camp Baldwin ride is a standard in the local area, when it occurs on day two of a randonnee, the 4600 feet of climbing from the Columbia river to the summit of the Dog Creek Watershed seams especially insane. Time for bed...good night cruel world.