Sunday, December 31, 2006

OBM1200 ISEP Day 6

Condon to Hood River

This is a 200k route beginning in Condon, passing through Biggs Junction, The Dalles, Mosier, Parkdale and Hood River. The estimated elevation gain from for the route is 6,200 feet. Services are well spaced along the route with the 41 mile leg from Condon to Wasco being the longest. Services at Wasco might be doubtful but Biggs Junction is only 9 miles further with several places to eat, water or snack. The route follows the Columbia River and back road or frontage road past the mouth of the Deschutes River to the Indian village of Celilo where the route joins I-84 to The Dalles.

At The Dalles, the route follows US-30, the old Scenic Highway and bike route along the Columbia to Hood River. The Twin Tunnels State Park offers a 5 mile trail and reprieve from vehicle traffic. From the Twin Tunnels State Park, the route follows back roads to OR-35 and Parkdale. From Parkdale, the route's final 20 miles wind into Hood River where the route ends at McDonnalds and the Hood River Toll Bridge. There are a number of businesses at the bridge including Starbucks, several Mini Marts and the Hood River Inn with hard liqueur bar and restaurant.

Lodging: Lodging in Hood River can be very difficult to find at the last minute. If you need a place to stay in the summer, make your reservation the preceding winter. There are many motels and places to camp. You can find a partial list of places in the Mid Columbia here.

Update: RUSA approved #377

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Rick Blacker 25-JUN-2008 12h38
John Kramer 25-JUN-2008 12h38
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