Sunday, December 31, 2006

OBM1200 ISEP Day 4

Halfway to John Day

This is a 200k route that has some long stretches without services. The profile for this route shows 7,800 feet of elevation gain. The route passes through the cities of Richland, Baker, Prairie City and ends at the Little Pine Inn in John Day. There are no services along the 68 miles between Baker and Prairie City.

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
Hells Canyon Scenic Byway
Baker City
John Day River
Lodging: Lodging in John Day Oregon can be found at
Little Pine Inn Motel
Telephone: 541 575-2100

Best Western John Day Inn
Telephone: 541 575-1700

Dreamers Lodge Motel
Telephone: 541 575-0526

John Day Sunset Inn
Telephone: 541 575-1462

The Little Pine Inn is the first motel on East Main Street. The Grubsteak Mining Co. restaurant is located one block further west on Main Street and a Dairy Queen and Subway on Main Street another half block west of Grubsteak Mining. US Bank has a branch across the street from the Dairy Queen. The Dreamers Lodge is located about two blocks from the Little Pine Inn on North Canyon Blvd. The Best Western and Sunset Inn are also located on Main Street 4 blocks west of the Little Pine Inn.

Update: RUSA approved #379

Ride History:
Rider                 Date         Time
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Rick Blacker 23-JUN-2008 13h12
John Kramer 23-JUN-2008 13h12
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Profile: Halfway-John Day Profile

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