Sunday, December 31, 2006

OBM1200 ISEP Day 2

Heppner to Elgin

This is a 200k route from Heppner to Elgin. The bikely elevation estimate for this route is 8,600 feet. The route passes through Pilot Rock, nicks the very edge of Pendleton and passes through Weston and finishes for the day in Elgin. Services along the route are limited. The first leg from Heppner to Pilot Rock is 45 miles long with no towns between. After Pilot Rock, the route skirts the Edge of Pendleton passing the Wildhorse Casino and Resort near Interstate 84. After crossing Interstate 84, there are limited services at Tollgate Resort and Weston.

Elgin Oregon
Hells Canyon Scenic Byway
Grand Ronde River
Lodging: Lodging in Elgin at
Stampede Inn
Telephone: 877 769-7600

The Waffle Iron Cafe is located next to the Stampede Inn. Within several blocks of the motel there are several banks, Elgin Corner Market, Pizza and a Movie, Brunswick Bar and Restaurant, and Shop and Go Chevron.

Update: RUSA #383

Update 2-Feb-2008: Revised route past Pilot rock to follow 395 to SW McKay Dr, Tutuilla Creek, Best Rd and OR-331. The new route avoids gravel and Pendelton. Two information controls added.

Ride History:
Rider                 Date         Time
-------------------- ----------- -----
Rick Blacker 21-JUN-2008 12h13
John Kramer 21-JUN-2008 12h13

Route Sheet: Route Sheet is Here

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