Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summertime Dog Games

It is summer and so hot and the doodles look forward to cooling off, making friends and pestering people on the beach. So much fun!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mt. Adams SXSW 2015

Oregon Randonneurs
Ride: Mt. Adams SXSW 2015
Organizers: John Kramer
Date: Saturday, October 3, 2015
Distance: 200km (124 miles)
Results: From July 11 2009
Pre-ride Report: Discussion (2009), Photos, Bill's Report (from 2009)
Sunrise: 0:708 Sunset: 18:44
Who's Riding?: Here
Start Time: 07:00 Saturday July 3, 2015
Finish Time: 20:30 Saturday July 3, 2015
Registration Time: 06:30-07:00
Entry Fee: Free for 2015, Oregon Randonneurs membership not required.  Register Now!
Lodging: This is a popular recreation area in the Summer. If you need reservations, book them well in advance. Tent and RV camping is permitted at the county fairground and rock creek park at the brevet start location and car camping is permitted as posted near the riverboat landing at the riverfront. Here is a Google list or Google map of lodging.

Start Location: Stevenson Washington, near the county fair grounds and Hegewald center at the jct of SW Rock Creek Drive and Rock Creek Park Road. There is public parking along SW Rock Creek Drive and Rock Creek Park. There are restrooms in the park. Camping space is available in the county fairground and Rock Creek Park.

This is a scenic and challenging ride starting in Stevenson Washington. Ride with GPS elevation gain estimate is 9,000 feet but the estimate seams excessive by about 1000-feet. The route was updated for 2015 reducing the total distance to 200k by eliminating the segment going through Bingen and White Salmon.

The hills provide long ups and downs and Lewis River provides a long cool descent while Old Mans Pass provides a fast classic descent. There are great views of the Columbia River, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mount St. Helens, Lewis River and the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The route is available as a permanent #576 RUSA Approved.

Mile 0 to 41
From Stevenson the route follows SR14 and the Columbia River east for 20 miles to SR-141-Alt that twists uphill for 2.2 miles to SR-141 going north to BZ Corners, Trout Lake and Mt. Adams. The Trout Lake Store and gas station provide the last services for 80 miles until Carson. The Trout Lake Store does not have a restroom but the gas station has a restroom you can use. There are also restrooms and water at the County Park near the Post Office in Trout Lake (See the Ride with GPS map).

Mile 41 to 93
From Trout Lake, the route continues northeast on the Randle Road to the southwest side of Mt. Adams and the Lewis River Road. The route turns southwest following the Lewis River to Curly Creek. The first three miles of the Curly Creek road have a grade between 6 and 9 percent.

There are numerous bridges on the Lewis River road, all of them have sharp abrupt edges the pose an excessive hazard for pinch flats. Properly inflate tires to prevent pinch flats are required.

There are also a small number of gravel patches. The longest stretch of gravel is .6 miles and is noted on the route sheet.

There is water at the Lower Lewis River Recreation Area (campground) at or about  mile 79 (see the cue sheet.) The Curly Creek road provides a 5 mile climb. The first three miles have a steady 5 to 7 percent grade.

Except vault toilets and the water at the Lewis River Recreation Area, there are no services between Trout Lake and Carson.

Mile 93 to 124
At the top of the Curly Creek Road, the route turns southwest on Forest Road 30, the Meadow Creek Road. Old Man Pass is located two miles past this junction providing a great downhill run. From Old Mans Pass, there are only 30 miles, two turns and a small number of gentle hills remaining to ride. The main section of the Old Mans Pass downhill, about 4 miles was freshly paved in July of 2015.

Ride with GPS

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Show Dogs

Winter, Walks & Whascally Wabbits!
Christmas 2012
Snowing again today. Is there no such thing as dry pavement? Beam me up Mr. Scott, I'm due for a ride. Please send me somewhere warm.